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Kissimmee Lock And Key Kissimmee, FL 941-702-6262You’ve got a ton of work waiting for you on your desk, but with no keys to enter the office, you can’t get the work out of your way. We’re talking about an individual cabin here. Imagine if the entire commercial premise is locked down and hundreds of employees are stranded. Sounds nightmarish? Yes, it is! Businesses in the past have witnessed humongous losses, lost productivity, and missed meetings, simply because the lock refused to work or the entry door key decided to go missing. Commercial lock outs  take its toll on businesses, but that doesn’t mean we should let them. With Kissimmee Lock And Key, a solution is just a phone call away. If you got locked out, we can help you get back in, in no time.

How do I unlock the door to the office?

If the lockout is a result of missing keys, see if you’ve got the spare or if there’s a master key with the building supervisor. Trying to break open the lock is a strict no-no. If it’s a state-of-the-art system that’s installed on your front door, the replacement and repairs on damages will not be light on your pocket. The safest and easiest way out of this tricky situation is to hire a locksmith to help you.

How can locksmiths help me?

It’s their trade. They’ve been around locks & keys for years and there’s no one better to redeem you from a commercial lock out. Generally, the methods employed by them to unlock the door include lock picking and using bump keys. If that doesn’t work out, the locksmith will then attempt to:

  1. Drill the lock:  This might not be the smartest option as in the end, you’ll need to fix the damages and replace the entire lock. No skilled locksmith will suggest this as an option, and will only use this as a last resort.
  2. Smart unlocking techniques:  Most high-security locks are designed to be pick and bump-resistant and it takes a little more than the basics to find a way around its security. Highly-skilled and knowledgeable locksmiths will figure out the smartest way to get it unlocked. For instance, if you’re locked out as a result of a forgotten combination, they’ll attempt to reset the electronic lock and help you regain access.

Hire the best locksmiths:

For the most efficient and damage-free solutions to a commercial lock out , contact Kissimmee Lock And Key. With a record response time in Kissimmee, FL area and a team of talented experts, we can address your concerns within minutes. Dial 941-702-6262